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1/8th of Strawberry Lemonade Flower


Cannabiotix is an award-winning cultivation company founded in California that expanded to Nevada to continue their mission of providing the highest caliber cannabis to consumers. Inspiration came from seeing a plethora of additive-grown cannabis in California and wanting to provide carefully curated cannabis ensuring consumers are getting the best exotic strains grown free of any carcinogen additives. Strawberry lemonade quenches the sativa lover’s thirst for a robust fruity flavor and whimsical euphoria. This 2016 “Best Sativa” High Times Cannabis Cup Winner is the perfect strain to start the day that will leave the mind cerebral and creative while alleviating symptoms of depression and nausea.

Recommendations: Best paired with creative or physically engaging activities as this joyous sativa will make your mind race with fantastic ideas and your body energized for whatever the day has in store.

Did you know? Cannabiotix has a portfolio of original strains including Bubble Gum, Super Silver Haze, and Blueberry.