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Cannavative Group

Cannavative Gummiez

10mg THC per gummie / 100mg THC per pack


The Cannavative Group is known for excellence in the cannabis industry from cannabis cultivation to production. As leaders in the field, they are on the cutting edge of technology and product development, which is how their Cannavative Gummiez have become one of the top sellers statewide. Offered in sativa, indica, or CBD, each Gummiez is hand crafted to ensure accurate dosing and consistent consumer experience. With five flavors in every pack, you will experience grape, lemon-lime, cherry, mango, and pineapple.


Recommendations: Cannavative Gummiez should be consumed one at a time slowly over hours. DO NOT CONSUME THE ENTIRE CONTAINER! These are medicated items – NOT CANDY. This is important because cannabis consumed in edible form takes hours to process through your system and can hit you all at once. Go slowly and don’t rush your edible cannabis experience.