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Deep Roots Harvest

Bluebird Flower Preroll

Fortune Cookies Special Edition

Bluebird Flower Prerolls were born out of crop #1 at Deep Roots Harvest in November of 2015. After selling through our first barrel of cannabis we were left with about 6 inches of beautiful small flowers in the bottom of our cure barrel. From then on those flowers in the bottom of our cure barrels are destined for Bluebirds Flower Prerolls. We’re conscious of what we feed our plants, and are dedicated to growing the cleanest cannabis on earth. We offer our plants an extended flush prior to harvest to ensure that no impurities make it to the dry room. And from there, the flowers long cure until they are ground and rolled into a .6 gram flower pre roll that we call Bluebirds. Fortune Cookies is the strain of choice for this special edition Bluebird for TWB. Fortune Cookies is a hybrid variety with sativa characteristics that usually lead the way for soaring long lasting buzz, perfect for creative escapes. Enjoy every drag.


Recommendations: Lucky you! Every Deep Roots Harvest Blue Bird Fortune Cookies Preroll includes a custom fortune. Have a bottle of water and some eye drops ready to keep yourself moisturized in the Las Vegas desert heat.