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Dixie Brands

Awakening Mints

5mg THC per mint / 80mg THC per package


At Dixie Brands, they believe that cannabis is powerful, that quality is important, and that accurate dosing is everything. Which is why, since 2010, they have been leading the industry through research, education, and advocacy. They have established themselves as the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective, and delicious cannabis products along the way. When you’ve got places to go and things to do, Orange Awakening Mints provide a great, low, consistent dosage and fit discreetly into your pocket. Formulated with Siberian gingseng, ginko, matcha, and orange oil to help enhance your alertness and increase your stamina.


Recommendations: Ideal for first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon when you need a boost of energy, these mints are known for giving consumers the pick me up they’re looking for.