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Highly Edible

Fruit Flavored Pucks

Highly Edible

Highly Edible & CannaPunch started as one of the most innovative marijuana companies in Colorado and have now planted their roots here in Sin City. Founded with the mission of always creating the best cannabis edibles the marijuana market has to offer by hand producing each product ensuring the quality is consistent. These refreshing fruit flavored pucks are accurately dosed using their Nano Extraction Technology and are 100% organic, gluten free, and vegan friendly. This unique technology converts active Cannabinoids into Nano Isomers allowing rapid uptake of the compounds through your mucus membranes within your mouth, esophagus and upper intestines during digestion.

Recommendations: With a perfectly dosed edible it’s easy to consume throughout the day. Try starting the day with a single 10mg serving to relax and increase to 20-30mg for insomnia relief.

Did you know? When it comes to edibles there’s a few variables to keep in mind when considering how the edible will take effect: your body mass, metabolism, gender, and body chemistry.