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Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar

10mg THC per serving/100mg THC per bar


Originally founded in 2010, Incredibles brand cannabis chocolate bars have grown into Colorado’s highest-volume, and the most nationally awarded, infused product company. This is a direct result of their reputation for extract quality and product innovation. This means Incredibles has invested in long-term growth and, as a result, has solidified its position as a leader in consistency; reliably delivering in the fields of product safety, extraction purity, ingredient quality, consistent dosing and consumer packaging.


The incredible Extracts Lab originated producing oil for Incredibles’ chocolate bars & edibles. A lack of adequate full-profile terpene extraction technology lead the incredible Extracts team to develop the innovative ‘incredible Extractor’ machine. Today, the incredible Extractor is one of the most sought-after hydrocarbon technologies on the market because our proprietary extraction process ensures a product that is clean of impurities like plant waxes and lipids.


Recommendations: We recommend adding a square of our Mile High Mint Bar to your favorite coffee or hot chocolate. The perfect way to make your favorite drink, even more delicious!