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Sea Salt Caramels - 4 Pack

KYND Cannabis

Created by a team of seasoned cannabis professionals with a combined 70 years of cultivation and production experience, Kynd offers Nevada superior concentrates, a wide selection of strains, and comprehensive testing. Their extraction-based product line utilizes a sophisticated, closed-loop, supercritical fluid-extraction technology to meet consumers need for a pure edible that is precisely dosed. The combination of smooth cannabis-infused caramel, dark chocolate, and flaky sea salt create luxurious flavor especially with Kynd’s collaboration with an artisanal chocolatier. Savor every bite of this indulgent trifecta of decadent flavors and cannabis consumption.

Recommendations: If you’re consuming an edible in the form of a food item you love always prepare for the munchies with some non- medicated versions to avoid eating the whole package of edibles.

Did you know? Edibles can be broken into three categories of absorption: gastrointestinal uptake (takes longer to take effect but overall effect lasts longer), oral uptake (takes effect almost immediately but wears off faster), and some hybrids that target both.