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Tahoe Hydro Co.

Tahoe Hydro OG STIX Preroll

Tahoe Hydro is an award-winning cannabis cultivation located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, growing award-winning cannabis flower. Known for sweeping the Jack Herer cannabis awards in all three categories of flower, Tahoe Hydro is an industry favorite thanks to the complex terpene pro les of their flower. With Tahoe Hydro OG STIX you will experience a new level of relaxation. This hard hitting ultra-premium preroll is created to be shared, so if you are a new consumer please start slowly for your own safety.


Recommendations: The Tahoe Hydro OG won first place in the indica category at Jack Herer and it lives up to the reputation of legendary indica strains. This preroll has a distinct aroma of lemon and fuel with complex earthy notes on the exhale. It is ideal after- hours, saddling the consumer with heavy limbs and deep relaxation.